About Us

Our ambition is to develop and deliver priority community projects which have a positive social, environmental and ultimately economic impact. We want to deliver a new multi-purpose, multi-generational community hub in Dalgety Bay, owned and managed by the community. Along the way, we plan to build a new civic square in the town centre and develop an accessible pedestrian and cycleway directly linking the town centre to the coast through Longhill Park.

Our aim is to make positive changes for everyone in our community by carrying out projects for the common good.   We are part of a growing network of Development Trusts which exist across Scotland and the UK enabling communities to take action for the benefit of their local residents.    We want the Trust to be fully representative of our community, a place where the community’s voice can be heard so we are keen for as many people in the community to join us and be members of the Trust. It’s simple to join just click here.

Dalgety Community Trust is a not for profit company founded in 2019 by a group of community volunteers.

  • The Trust is owned and managed by Trust members from the local community, (in our case, the community covered by Dalgety Bay & Hillend Community Council)
  • The Trust is independent but will work in partnership with other public, private and third sector organisations including our Community Council, Fife Council and other Community groups as appropriate
  • In our early stages, we will rely on grant funding to develop our projects, but as time goes by, we aim to reduce dependency on grant support, ultimately by generating income through sustainable community development enterprise and the ownership of assets.
  • All trading surpluses are reinvested in the organisation or the community.

Before the Trust formed, our group of volunteers was constituted as a community group and before this most of our volunteer directors were members of Dalgety Bay and Hillend Community Council.  Indeed, it was the Community Council that originally came up with the idea to form a group to take forward the projects we are now focussed on.

The Community Council had previously benefitted from a study carried out by Ironside Farrar on behalf of the community.  This highlighted the need to reinvest in the town centre and in particular a demand from the community for new community facilities.

The formation of a Trust was a natural progression towards being able to deliver the projects the community is demanding.  The trust is a ‘company’ listed at Companies House and is able to receive and distribute funds according to its Articles of Association and in particular its ‘Objects’.  It has more flexibility to operate and complete projects than a Community Council has and is a recognised model for communities across the country to deliver positive change.