Aims & Vision

Dalgety Community Trust is a non-profit body set up by a group of community volunteers to make positive changes for everyone in our community by carrying out projects for the common good. We are an independent organisation formed by people who live in the community, part of a growing network of Development Trusts which exist across Scotland and the UK enabling communities to take action for the benefit of their local residents.


Our Overarching aim is to develop and deliver priority community projects which have a positive social, environmental and ultimately economic impact. We want to be a sustainable presence in the community for years to come and will be looking to take on community benefit projects as time goes by.

Initially, the Trust’s Vision is focussed on delivering three landmark projects for the community:

  1. A new civic square in the town centre providing a fantastic facility to host community events and gatherings right in the heart of the town as well as a day to day meeting space for residents or simply a space for quiet contemplation.
  2. A revitalised and improved routeway that connects the new civic square directly with the Fife Coastal Path approximately 1.5km away.  The new route would be suitable for pedestrian and cycle use and fully accessible.
  3. A new Community Hub to replace the existing community centre and situated just to the north of the new civic square


Whilst Dalgety Bay is a relatively new town, many of the town’s public facilities/infrastructure was constructed over 40 years ago when the population was much smaller – much-needed reinvestment is now required.  Over the past 11 months, we have carried out a series of engagement events across our community sharing information and taking in the views of hundreds of local residents. There is strong support and backing for our proposals from the community who have told us there is a pressing need for:

  • Modern, fit for the future facilities that can serve the community for years to come
  • A multi-functional and multi-generational community hub promoting opportunities for all
  • Developments which are community-led and ultimately community-owned
  • Improved facilities to meet the growing needs of toddler, youth, family and older people at the centre of our community
  • Facilities to address growing concerns about anti-social behaviour – partly blamed on lack of facilities for young people and the growing concern about the social isolation of older people in our community
  • Spaces to allow people to come together and participate in a wide range of community events

Our values; we will support our overarching aim through:

  • Sharing social and economic opportunities
  • Encouraging self-sufficiency and empowerment
  • Supporting environmental sustainability
  • Providing equal opportunities for all in our community